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Created 14-Oct-15
43 photos

Best Buds, Wendy & Bonnie-RAECMatt(?), Larry, & Keith plus Dogs of CHTG Tink and Lucy-RALucy getting some pizza-RABill, Larry, and Sue Carol-RAGirls of CHTG Bonnie, Wendy, Rhonda-RAGame day-RADue to rain, the coaches needed to be parked elephant style-RALiving on the wild side - RACommunion has been pored - RAOverhead shot of prepared communion table-RACommunion "crowd" waiting for their shot of WT101-RAWendy, Bill, Bonnie, Larry-RABonnie and Ken-RAIt's rail time-RAAttach lips-RADown the hatch-RASuiting up for the game-ECErin's friends ready to go, except for rain coats-ECAs expected, a pretty sparse crowd-EC

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