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Created 27-Oct-15
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Thursday Night Warm Up.-RAI-81 makes quite the parking lot.The parking lot that is I-81.Corn hole game breaks out in left lane of I-81.Atlanta & I-85 Redux?-RARon Has Been Sporked. -RAMore efficient way to down brown water?-RACan you hear me now? -RAStart them young. -RAThe morning after. -RARon looks like the "Mad Genius".-RAQuite a threesome. -ECIsn't that sweet.-ECYoung fan, up late and wrapped up for the cold.-ECFriday at the TailgateFriday at the TailgateFriday at the TailgateFriday at the TailgateIvan "Cheetah" MorozovThe "Cheetah" is crouching, ready to strike.

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